About Us
K.T.S starts its work from1986 when Ezatollah Khanaki stablished this trading. Since that time K.T.S worked on many quarries, extract different materials, and export tons of blocks and processed marbles.
At this Moment K.T.S has its own Silver Travertine Quarry which works beside the main fieled of its activity which is trading and export.
K.T.S has representative or exclusive agent contract with some quarries. Also the most important cause of K.T.S's reputation is its ability of customization and its ability to find and supply the materials that clients need.
Although K.T.S trade slabs and tiles too, but trading of processed materials is limited to only travertine and we are strong in supplying blocks to all over the world; Which for blocks K.T.S supplies various types of Marble, Onyx and Travertine.
Meet Our Team
Get more familiar with our managers and main members at K.T.S
  1. Travertine
    Ezattolah Khanaki
    Chief Executive Officer
  2. Travertine
    Samin Khanaki
    Marketing Specialist
  3. Travertine
    Hodjat Khanaki
    Chief Technical Officer
  4. Travertine
    Mehdi Khanaki
    Finished Materials Officer
  5. Travertine
    Mahsa Rahimi
    Marketer and Logistic Officer